The Bnoincoin is a crypto project with customized blockchain and new innovation that no asset-backed coins/tokens ever possess its features. Bnoincoin was launched in October 2019. Bnoincoin has 30M on its circulating supply and 8M on the hard cap. Also , Bnoincoin have 2-stages of distribution which is bounty offer and crowd sale that lasted for 5months . Meanwhile, after the bounty offer and crowd sale the coins left to be distributed were reckoned at 6.7M which are the coins given to the Bnoincoin merchants/marketers for Bounty offer and crowd sale distribution. Therefore, Marxer Jonas, Bnoincoin C.E.O and Crypto-capitalists decided to distribute the remaining coin for free as a philanthropic donation so that millionaires can be raised via BnoinCoin in 2020.

Thereafter, the fundamental rule set for trading winners and losers is widely known, but it is frequently forgotten by both novice and professional retail investors alike, as emotions tend to take charge when trading in financial market “Sure” you say, “I can manage that and keep my emotions in check,” but the reality is that no one is that robotic in nature, and nobody knows 100 percent of the time the retracement and reversal of trend direction the price will take next . As human beings, we are prone to “loss aversion” – a tendency to ignore or avoid losses. Hence, we tend to let our losers run, in order to avoid taking a loss. However, research suggests that despite knowing the obvious and most logical course of action to take, people will sometimes deviate from that path and experiment. Yet, experimenting with your money or your trades is a one-way ticket to “Rack City” when making investments. Instead, work on a series of rules that you follow – and stick to them. By vetting any inconsistencies that don’t align with the mantra of “cut your losses,” you can severely limit your risk and exposure to the market and always remember that “Simplicity is the most often and easily overlooked ingredient to profiting long-term in any financial market”.

Similarly, in essence, successful traders possess a very particular type of personality and mental psychology that allows them to look at a piece of information without snap judgment. The instinct to know when to enter and exit a trade comes from experience and the ability to cultivate value from your stringent trading rules is what separates the novice from the professional. Confirmation bias also presents a problem, wherein you attempt to be “right” as opposed to remaining objective and on course with following the aforementioned rules. The toxicity of emotions in trading cannot be overstated, so cut those losses and let your winning ride a little while longer, especially if you see no reason to end the trade then and there.

Assuredly, a commonly known fact is that 95% of all traders consistently lose money , because they use stops- Big stops, small stops, trailing stops, you name it. Who of us can truly know which way the market will go? Even by using every indicator, being a technical or fundamental trader, no one can predict market movement. Financial trading, including the crypto currency market, requires long and detailed planning on multiple levels. Trading cannot commence without a trader’s understanding of the market basics, and an ongoing analysis of the ever changing market environment. Moreover, technical analysis on the other hand, is solely concerned with the evaluation of statistical trends gathered from trading data, such as price and volume. Technical analysts look at price patterns, chart formations and a variety of key indicators to spot trading opportunities but the interpretation is very complicated while Fundamental analysis attempts to gauge the intrinsic value of an asset by examining variables such as sales, profits, competitors, assets, liabilities. Also these are complicated to interpret most of the time. In fact, While many technical analysis techniques are tried and tested, and often perform with a good degree of accuracy, the truth is no one can predict which way the market will move with 100% accuracy all the time. This is especially true with the crypto currency market, which experiences high volatility.

As a result, Bnoincoin is gold-backed crypto currency which promises it’s investors that no one investing on this Bnoincoin project will lose a dime .90% of gold-backed crypto currency projects today are nowhere to be found, investors have really lose all their investments on gold-backed crypto currency projects while many of the gold-backed crypto currency projects are scam. We created BNC token on ethereum blockchain to expand the Bnoincoin project and to assist Bnoincoin users for better security in the time of economy crises which crypto currency world constantly encountered. The BNC TOKEN will serve as backup and restoration coin, which will be Our “HOT CAKE” While current investors might be turning away from Bitcoin and altcoin. Token has been what crypto currency investors preferred to use today as a safe haven.

As well as, after bnoinxchange careful examination , we observed that highest percentage of crypto currency traders have no experience trading in crypto-market which the aftermath propelled crypto currency exchanges to introduced some investments alternative programs on their platform to enable investors to benefit and profit in the crypto currency world without any experience of trading on markets. Again, crypto currency exchanges have investment programs like loan, lending, staking pool, savings, and profitbox etc. For the abovementioned, Bnoinxchange need to put INVESTMENTS IN PLACE to prevent Bnoincoin users from investment loss. Furthermore, the investment programs is NOT Pyramid/HYIP.

Additionally, we cherish the maximum patience cultivated by the Bnoincoin investors since inception of this project. Importantly, the patience towards postponement of launching the trading and exchange of bnoinxchange platform. We never intended to hurt Bnoincoin users, indeed we acknowledged that some users invested their hard-earned money, precious time and had a great commitment to this project. However, with the current situation of the global pandemic outbreak, the crypto currency industry has really been affected with COVID-19 in terms of human resources. Nevertheless, we are indeed managing the available staff at the moment in order to meet up with the exchange fixing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Although, Bnoinxchange developers are working diligently to keep all the Bnoinxchange features intact including the trading components, investment programs set-up and paraphernalia necessary for the Bnoinxchange platform. We therefore promise and assure Bnoincoin users that there will not be delay anymore to the Bnoinxchange hybrid platform. Notably, Bnoincoin is a legit project. In recent times many referred to Bnoincoin to be scam project pointing that scam project keep on promising and postponing its programs. We just want to pronounce to Bnoincoin users to be optimistic; in as much we have provided an exchange platform which Bnoincoin can be traded and exchanged. Whereas a scam project will never embark upon creating an exchange, we will never disappoint users, embarking on an exchange as really cost us a lot of time, money and resources which is not an easy task. Bnoincoin main priority is to see BNC users/investors trading and exchanging their coins and also profiting in this project.

Correspondingly, there has been fake deposit of BNC,ETH, BTC AND ALTCOIN to the Bnoinxchange from the users. Basically, we will mention the category of the fake deposit below.
i. Some users input amount that is more than their balance expecting the BNC administrators to confirm the fake deposit.
ii. Some people registered on Bnoinxchange without having any BNC coin or with zero BNC in their account which they continued to deposit the fake coin by inputting a certain amount with the expectation that BNC administrators’ will confirm the deposit.
iii. Some people deposited fake BTC, ETH AND ALTCOIN with the hope that BNC administrators’ will approve the fake deposit.

Finally, Bnoincoin administrators hereby affirm that anybody, user(s) or people that belong to the categories of fake deposit stated above should write support for deposit readjustment within 10 working days from this release, otherwise those fall into the i-ii-iii categories can face moratorium or total nullification of their account(s). More so, we have the record of all investors in the Bnoincoin database. “Forewarned is Forearmed”. Not only-but also, we remind all the verified users to register and deposit their coin into Bnoinxchange trading platform to avoid delay on account set-up on the exchange. Likewise, we strongly advise Bnoincoin users to “hold on for dear life”( HODL) to their BNC because no more coins on circulating supply while it is better for Bnoincoin investors not to sell their coins cheap to avoid future criticism . Moreover, we recommend good account and password security to Bnoincoin users to protect you from hackers and always make sure you are visiting That is the main reason we merged together with to keep away from disorder. Preferably, you can encrypt your password or frequently change your password for high protection of your BNC account and password. We reiterate again that we will announce to you soon the final schedule of the exchange launching.

Warm regards,
Nora Fleming
Bnoincoin Business Development Manager.

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