We sincerely apologize for extensive period of update break to the Bnoicoin users, Shillers (merchants and marketers) and benefactors.  We know and perceive that many things are running through your mind at the moment. We always feel and share in your pains and you know that we can never neglect our responsibilities to deliver the Bnoinxchange service at the appropriate time.

The global pandemic outbreak has really affected our human resources aspect of this project, which has led to failure of staff to discharge their duties promptly.  Emphatically, BNC users misinterpreted the last update on COVID-19 being the major factor affecting the Bnoinxchange launching. With this we will throw light upon it to enable BNC users to discern how COVID -19 affected BNC project both internal and external aspect of this project.

Furthermore,The human resources we pointed to was due to some of the BNC web developers that started the Bnoinxchange programming aspect of this project are no more active. Meanwhile, it is very difficult for a web developer to take an incomplete job that is being started by another web developer. Although, this issue has been fixed which all the alternative investment programs we promised has now been implemented successfully on the Bnoinxchange this time around. We are very glad that one of the problems with Bnoinxchange has been surmounted.

For the most part, the Bnoinxchange is a hybrid exchange (HEX). Hybrid is the exchange platform that combines the best of centralized and decentralized solution, which means, it offers functionality, liquidity and high frequency as centralized exchange platform, along with security and privacy of decentralized exchange platform. In simple terms, hybrid exchange also called semi centralized exchange, which means adding components of decentralization to a centralized platform. For hybrid exchange to be successful we need to connect with most comprehensive APIs for cryptocurrencies market data on both top decentralized and centralized exchanges. Wherefore, to connect the APIs is easy, but we are waiting for APIs approval from most of the exchanges that we have connected with and without approval the exchange market data will malfunction, also APIs shares trade volume information between crypto exchanges. Hence, the APIs approval delay from the exchanges was attached to the global pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) which affected their human resources. We heard it circulating amongst the users that this project is a scam .To establish a hybrid exchange is not a simple task. To get Bnoincoin listed on other crypto exchanges is not what is difficult, but we want to make sure Bnoicoin is hybrid exchange, so  that there will be no room for manipulation, scam and restriction that investors encountered on most crypto exchanges.  We assure you that this project is legit.

BNC TOKEN has now being accepted by some crypto exchanges while more exchanges will list BNC TOKEN soon, recently BNC TOKEN has been listed on COINGECKO website, and you can check this link:

We have created more than 5 BNC TOKEN both on ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN (ERC 20) AND BITCOIN CASH BLOCKCHAIN. We embarked on the creation of these TOKENS to be our safe haven, serve as backup cryptocurrency and restoration coins .Token has been what cryptocurrency investors preferred to use today. Even if catastrophe and bear market confront cryptocurrency world, Bnoincoin will not feel its negative influence in as much we have several TOKEN to be our haven assets.

Significantly, cryptocurrency exchanges rely on their own proprietary crypto tokens .TOKENS has been the secret cryptocurrency exchanges embraced to drive liquidity to their platform. Indeed, liquidity is an essential aspect of the success of any market. Yet it is one of the notable problems of new cryptocurrency exchanges.  Liquidity position depends on the trades, and without intensive trading activities, no exchange can exist. In order to provide liquidity, exchange has to be promising enough to attract investors and traders. These problems can be solved in several ways. Firstly, with the help of implementation of an APIs that shares trade volume information between exchanges.

Similarly, we are glad to list herein what you can now do with your BNC and BNC TOKEN while waiting for the Bnoinxchange kick off.

  1. You can now purchase BNC TOKEN with your BNOINCOIN on the token distribution website: . The Bnoincoin board of directors has given the BNC users the great opportunity to spend their BNC.
  2. You can now trade your BNC TOKEN on some crypto exchanges and you can as well swap BNC TOKEN – ETHEREUM – ALTCOIN.

 Obviously, we have many plans for Bnoicoin users; we will soon be distributing BITCOIN CASH TOKEN to all BNC investors! This is awesome, most of the cryptcourrency investors have never heard of the BCH TOKEN before. Otherwise, we would have started the BCH TOKEN distribution but we have to avoid TOKEN muddle. The reasons why the BNC board of directors so much cherish the TOKEN is due to the fact that Bnoincoin project is a promising one, we intentionally introduced the BNC TOKEN to let BNC be a unique project, the TOKEN will also serve as BNC alternative investments which means all BNC users will have 3-CRYPTOCURRENCIES (Original Bnoincoin, ERC20 TOKEN and BCH TOKEN). No cryptocurrency project has done this in the history!!! BNC project will be the first that will invent this method of making sure all users have a safe investment. BNC users have access to trade BNC, ERC20 TOKEN AND BCH TOKEN on any cryptocurrency exchange, with this BNC project will be well known globally to attract big investors while early investors that have joined the project at its infancy will have a financial advantage and better benefit.

Correspondingly, Bnoincoin board of directors has re-explored the Bnoincoin customized blockchain technology whereby BNC AND BTC blockchain can connect together. That is to say BNC can receive ,send and be exchanged  to BTC without visiting trading on any exchange,  although this is not a simple task, before this can be actualized Bnoincoin will have to provide BLOCKCHAIN UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (BUIN) for each user to enable their wallets recognize BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN . We have successfully accomplished this system of swapping BNC-BTC .Recently, we did the BLOCKCHAIN TESTNET for the Bnoincoin merchants, marketers and leaders to demonstrate and confirm the authenticity of the system.  Then all merchants were provided with BLOCKCHAIN UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (BUIN) which integrated merchants BNC wallet with BITCOIN wallet. Although, the testnet was a free service for all merchants.  For this each merchant’s exchanged BNC-BTC worth of 0.0056 BTC. The Bnoincoin board of directors bears the cost. More so, we has started working on this new system to provide all BNC investors with BLOCKCHAIN UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (BUIN), but whoever that prefer the system to cryptocurrecy exchanges platform  will pay for the service to connect their  user’s BNC WALLET TO BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN. Again, we will notify all users when we are done with this system which we plan to release it alongside the Bnoinxchange kick off. The only disadvantage of this system is that there is limit to the amount of BNC you can exchange to BTC. However, we have embarked on a research to lift the exchange limit so that there will not be restriction to the amount to exchange.

Conclusive, we enjoin Bnoincoin users, most important the insouciant users that are uninterested about the BNC TOKEN to start using their BNC COIN to purchase BNC TOKEN on  “The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber” users have been making money with the BNC TOKEN. We are informing the BNC users instead of waiting for the Bnoinxchange  kick off, you can now start trading and exchanging your BNC TOKEN on the cryptocurrency exchanges.  Admittedly, we cannot state and predict the precise time that the Bnoinxchange APIs will be approved by all the exchanges we connected to. Nevertheless, we are working round the clock, from dusk to dawn to contact all the exchanges to give us APIs approval. Also, we hereby remind you not to sell your Bnoincoin cheap and do not discount your bnoincoin as well, so hold On for Dear Life (HODL) not to regret your action in the future. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards,

Nora Fleming

Bnoincoin Business Development Manager.

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