Dear cherished users,

We inform you that the Bnoincoin payment method is no longer available to purchase BNC TOKEN. The payment method has to be disabled owing to increase in scam via the Bnoincoin payment method used when purchasing BNC TOKEN on the token distribution website:

Certainly, Bnoincoin is the original cryptocurrency which brings forth BNC TOKEN.
The fact that Bnoincoin(BNC) is the original cryptocurrency of the bnoin investment company can never be disregard. At the moment Bnoincoin has several tokens that have been created on ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN and BITCOINCASH. Significantly, we greatly value the ERC20 TOKEN to be the best TOKEN created so far by the Bnoincoin. Furthermore, when the BNC ERC20 TOKEN distribution started we had to include Bnoincoin as payment method to purchase BNC TOKEN alongside other payment methods which are BTC, ETH and BCH. Wherefore, we want to make sure that Bnoincoin can be used despite that Bnoinxchange waiting for APIs approval from the connected exchanges.

Unquestionably, we removed the Bnoincoin payment method on the available cryptocurencies that can be used to purchase BNC TOKEN following these Substantive Reasons that will be stated below.
i. Most Bnoincoin users are using unverified BNC account to purchase BNC TOKEN, which is to say some users that not yet activated their BNC account are using the wallet to purchase BNC TOKEN. Meanwhile, the BNC TOKEN distribution website was programmed to recognize all BNC wallets
ii. There has been increase in scam from the early users that have Bnoincoin. This happened when the new investors purchase Bnoincoin from the early users, the buyer makes payment to the seller with BTC and at the end of the transaction the buyer will not receive the Bnoincoin paid for and refund. Most often, the new investor claims to make payment to the seller whereas no payment was made. This made new investors to create bad impression that Bnoincoin is a scam cryptocurrency.

Altogether, we received messages from Bnoincoin merchants, marketers and users asking if we are connected with the new exchange that promises to exchange BNC-BTC-ALTCOIN for Bnoincoin users. Candidly, we have done a painstaking investigation about Bnoinchain which we discovered the profile to be authentic and real that worth recommending to the Bnoincoin users to invest their BNC with them. Likewise, the bnoinchain platform supports new cryptocurrency projects and other crypto-assets like BTC, ETH and AlTCOIN which can be invested with Bnoinchian as well. We heard that there are many private exchanges out there that have started exchanging and giving returns on amount of BNC invested with them. However, we advise Bnoincoin users to be caution when investing with some private exchanges to invest with what they can afford while waiting for Bnoinxchange APIs to be approved from the connected exchanges.

Kind regards
Farrugia Marcellino
Chief Technology Officer BNC

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