Certainly, the bnoin investment company embarked upon Bnoincoin project around May 2019 which was officially launched on October 2019. Bnoincoin has 30M on its circulating supply and 8M on the hard cap. Bnoincoin have 2-stages of distribution which is bounty offer and crowd sale that remained for 5months.

As a rule, the ultimate and significance of any investment is the profit that takes priority over any other benefit. In this case, there are thousands of cryptocurrency projects created yearly across the globe. Many cryptocurrencies have been launched in the past few years, often to great fanfare and celebration, only to fade and fail as the public and investors shun them. According to which tracks such failure, there are some 1,380 dead coins at the time of writing. That’s a substantial number, approximately 3,000 cryptocurrences still in existence, and crypto analysts predict 30% of the existing cryptocurrencies to fail before the end of 2020.

Especially, for a cryptocurrency to be successful, two things need to happen: there must be a good use cases and they have to trust it. People will generally trust a coin or token. Thanks to the underpinning blockchain technology and the decentralized cryptographic ledger systems on which Bnoincoin is built upon.
Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are designed to avoid the wild volatility of cousins like Bitcoin by being pegged or backed by assets like traditional currencies or precious metals. They are designed to encourage people to use cryptocurrency for everyday buying and selling, while also offering a stable store of value for traders on the many crypto exchanges that don’t deal in traditional currencies. Bnoincoin is one of the stablecoins.
As can be observed, major reasons why most cryptocurrency projects fail are due to limited use cases, weak community(traders, investors and not even so much holders), creating a unique and innovative blockchain technology that sounds great but is technically impossible to deliver is another failure for a cryptocurrecny projects(promising the moon are likely headed for failure), lack of Proper Marketing, new or inexperienced project team, project established on a deliberate ‘exit scam’, Security issues, lack of liquidity and constant bear trend (when cryptocurrency market had a bear run which lead to a major correction in value this propel investors to sell off their holdings so that their assets can be protected).

However, the bnoin investment company has successfully vanquished the major problems that cryptocurrency projects are encountered above-mentioned. The major factors affecting the Bnoinxchange launching, inter alia, global pandemic outbreak and APIs approval delay from the exchanges bnoincoin are connected with. In regard to the factors delaying the bnoinxchange launching, we are in ecstasy to inform bnoincoin users that all the problems that delay the exchange has been completely defeated. Additionally, almost all the exchanges have approved and authorized the APIs request for bnoincoin. Also, the alternative investment programs we promised has been implemented successfully on the Bnoinxchange.

For the most part, a commonly known fact is that 95% of all traders consistently lose money, because they use stops- Big stops, small stops, trailing stops, you name it. Who of us can truly know which way the market will go? Even by using every indicator, being a technical or fundamental trader, no one can predict market movement. Financial trading, including the crypto currency market, requires long and detailed planning on multiple levels. Trading cannot commence without a trader’s understanding of the market basic, and an ongoing analysis of the ever changing market environment. Moreover, technical analysis on the other hand is solely concerned with the evaluation of statistical trends gathered from trading data, such as price and volume. Technical analysts look at price patterns, chart formations and a variety of key indicators to spot trading opportunities but the interpretation is very complicated while Fundamental analysis attempts to gauge the intrinsic value of an asset by examining variables such as sales, profits, competitors, assets, liabilities. Also these are complicated to interpret most of the time. In fact, While many technical analysis techniques are tried and tested, and often perform with a good degree of accuracy, the truth is no one can predict which way the market will move with 100% accuracy all the time. This is especially true with the crypto currency market, which experiences high volatility. Whereas, the professionals that trade price action like leading indicators like support, resistance, pivot levels, trend lines and fibo win 6 out 10 trades. Traders who win consistently treat trading as a business. While there is no guarantee that you will make money, having a plan is crucial if you want to be consistently successful and survive in the trading business.

Thereupon, Bnoincoin is gold-backed crypto currency which promises it’s investors that no one investing on this Bnoincoin project will lose a dime. Notably, The Bnoincoin boards of directors’ after thorough examination observed that 87% of bnoicoin investors cannot interpret, analyze and employ technical tools on the cryptocurrency chart . Following this, we have arrived at an alternative means prefer to technical trading that will enable bnoincoin users to profit on the market which will be stated here.

Implementation of investment programs on bnoinxchange platform without trading on market or without any experience that will enable bnoincoin investors to invest their BNC on any of the investment programs on the bnoinxchange platform. These investments are : lending and saving your BNC on the bnoinxchange platform with good interest .
Bnoincoin board of directors have revisited the Bnoincoin customized and inbuilt blockchain technology. Bnoincoin has underpinning blockchain technology that can connect with bitcoin and some altcoin blockchain whereby swapping/exchanging of BNC – BTC-ETH directly will be easy .

Correspondingly, we have successfully done the swap exchange testnet on Bnoincoin customized
blockchain technology for the merchants/marketers which was held on May 2020 . We introduced the testnet so that we can rest assured about the effective of the exchange system in terms of speed, network, bitcoin compatibility wallet and for the marketers to confirm the authenticity of the system. Each merchant/marketer only swapped/exchanged 1BNC –BTC. Meanwhile, we welcome all BTC wallets: Edge, Exodus Mycelium, Blockchain, Luno, Paxful ,Coinbase, Trust, and Atomic, etc. The testnet participants received the BNC-BTC into their BTC wallets after the transaction duration which takes 0-9 block confirmations which was equivalent to 2-5 minutes. The 472 BNC merchants/marketers that worked for Bnoincoin project on social media, slack channel, podcast, youtube and other community channels across the globe participated in the testnet . Indeed, we offered the service for free to the merchants/marketers. Each merchant/marketer was given temporary blockchain unique identification number (BUIN) for free.

Owing to, there have been many requests, messages, and demands from BNC users following the success of the testnet. BNC members asseverated that they prefer swap exchange to trading on cryptocurrency market. More so, we have Bnoinxchange platform which will be for the professionals and experienced traders that can successfully trade the cryptocurrency market while swap exchange application will be for all BNC users. Undoubtedly, the total number of BNC users at the present time is 346,551.The bnoincoin board of directors have observed that server will circumscribe, limit and cannot serve all the 346,551 users, if that is to facilitate the swap exchange. We will state the reasons below why we have to move from server to another .
The transmission capacity and server on which bnoincoin customized blockchain technology was built is not enough to withstand exchange for large mass of users at the same time. To clarify, it means that the bnoincoin developers only made the feature on whereby BNC-BTC can be swapped/exchanged for testnet usage only.
The server and software on cannot interoperate multiple chains which make it to be limited and one which will result in low liquidity.
The swap exchange link on cannot support mobile application.

Additionally, some BNC Investors have missed deadline, lack of patience and interpret BNC to be scam project which they eventually discounted and sold their BNC. We appreciate investors that exercise patience as the project work through technical challenges .Henceforth, we are opening registration for all BNC users to order the blockchain unique identification number (BUIN) from our spotlight clients for the forthcoming Bnoincoin mainnet swap exchange processing. More so, we have successfully lifted the exchange limit to the amount of swap exchange which means you can swap/exchange any amount of BNC-BTC without restriction. The swap exchange has no limit.

More importantly, the registration will last for 40 days for all users to order the BUIN from our spotlight clients which the blockchain unique identification number (BUIN) will cost $50. Similarly, we are closing down the server on August 14, 2020 to the new server wallet mainnet swap exchange application.

Finally, we persuade all BNC users to order for the BUIN within the given time frame. We shall not be liable for any loss arising from failure to order your BUIN. Meanwhile, this is a one-time order for BUIN to all the Bnoincoin investors. BNC users that don’t order for the BUIN will forever lose their accounts and they will not participate on the BNC mainnet swap exchange. Besides, we plan to deliver the BUIN to all BNC investors alongside the Bnoinxchange platform which is now ready. Also, bnoincoin users that have deposit on bnoinxchange can access transfer of their asset (BNC) to the swap exchange. Forthwith, the bnoinxchange trading platform and swap exchange application works together but we recommend the swap exchange application for all Bnoincoin investors which is our priority of this project.

We do appreciate your understanding and your cooperation.

Kind regards
Farrugia Marcellino
Chief Technology Officer BNC.

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